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Very few are aware of the fact that education grants do exist and you can access them as per your needs and aspirations. If you are a teenager who yearns to pursue full time education or if you are an adult who wishes to switch career, then education assistance or loan are the most apt choice for you. Government offers numerous offers each year but since not very large number of people knows their significance, so, they often go unclaimed.

Let's first know what actually a Loan is. A assistance is a kind of financial help - money or voucher - that helps you buy something which you would not normally consider to buy. Loan may not cover the full cost of the entity you wish to have, but it gives substantial money aid. Nowadays for students and professionals, there has been a surprising growth and diversity in grants. Generally, if a student qualifies for maintenance loan, then he or she is entitled for all elements of fee education loan. But in case the student is enrolled under any kind of Free Fees Schemes, then tuition element of fee grant will be eliminated. Similarly, if a student is under approved student grant scheme but has no residence in the state, then he or she is qualified for fee grant, but not for maintenance grant.

A budget of 6k has been earmarked for this scheme and will be split equally between schools / Further Education and Higher Education. Grants will be made up to a value of 600. The Institute is aware that educational establishments may have to find alternative funding to help with the cost of running or attending an educational activity relating to mathematics. The Institute is pleased that the Education Grants will help financially support such activities, which will help increase the popularity of mathematics with learners and encourage the take up of mathematics post-16.

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